Jennifer & Kristopher

July 9, 2020St Thomas, USVI

Our Story
Jennifer & Kristopher

With the unexpected global pandemic crippling everything, we had to move our special day from May to July. With things looking promising for the world getting back to a new normal-ish by then, we hope to see everyone in our special place on our new date.

Kris and Jen met on Monday December 7th 2009 at Mickey Sheas in Lunenburg. They were introduced by Kate Nelson who was friends with Jen, and was also Kris’ cousin. When Jen arrived at the bar to meet Kris his whole family of cousins were there as well and Kris was drunk before she arrived because he was nervous. After a night of drinking and talking the bar was closing so Jen and Kris decided to go back to his house which was right down the street. They talked until 6am when Jen realized she had to work in a few hours and needed to get some sleep, and Kris had to meet his father so they could drive up north. So they went their separate ways. Jen was tired and nervous and left before giving Kris her phone number and a kiss. After a few days went by Kris called Jen and asked her out!

Sunday December 13th 2009 Kris and Jen went to the Manchester Firing Range in Manchester NH for their first date. Kris wanted to make sure Jen was ok around guns before he went further in the relationship. After seeing the smile on her face he knew she passed the first part of the test. Their second part of their first date they went to the movies and then had dinner. Afterwards they went back to Kris’ house where they watched a movie on the couch where Kris kissed her for the first time ❤️
3 months later they got a dog and Jen moved in.
5 years later they sold Kris’ house and built a house together in Townsend.
4 years later they got engaged on a sunset beach in Barbados where Jen said “UMMMMMMM” before finally coming too to say “YES!!”

And the next chapter is just starting for them... ❤️

The Wedding

Thursday, July 9, 2020
3:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Attire: Caribbean Casual
Lindquist Beach, St Thomas, USVI
The VI Cat Catamaran Sail
Wedding Party

Ned Parillo - Best Man

Ned is my closest friends who has worked beside me for the last 5+ years on the Fitchburg Fire Department on Group 2 Tower Ladder 3. We have built a great friendship over the years sharing stories on our world travels, drinking, cars, guns, and tree climbing. I have picked Ned to be by my best man because of this friendship.

Mike Marchand - Groomsman

Mike is one of other closest friends. Jen and I met him and his girlfriend, Janelle Hart 5 years ago at our local sportsmen club where we built a close friendship over the years. Not only is he a good friend he is also a great Police Officer and Fire Fighter for town of Townsend. Jen and I are both honored to have not just Mike by my side, but to have his girlfriend, Janelle by our side as well while we celebrate our special day!

Sam Garcia - Groomsman

Sam and I have bonded a great friendship over the last 4 years while working together at the Fire Station in Fitchburg. He initially thought I was a complete asshole but since have become great friends. Sam is a hard working guy and I'm glad he said yes to be by my side while I marry the love of my life.

Anthony Marrama - Groomsman

I've known Marrama since I started in Fitchburg, 9 years ago. Us both being junior guys, we spent alot of time in fire alarm together becoming close. He's one of the smartest and friendliest people I know. He's always been there for me when I have needed anything at all. This is why I chose him to be one of my groomsmen.

Rachael Machado - Maid of Honor

My sister was my first best friend. We did everything together while growing up! She was my go to person to play barbies, who road bikes and swam in swamp waters finding frogs with. She was always there giving me a stuffed animal every time I broke my arm or was sick in the hospital. Even though she was my little sister she always acted like she was the oldest. I picked her to be by my side because she has been there since day one.

Jayme Brown - Bridesmaid

Jayme is Kris' best friend for the past 15+ years. I honestly think he is the person that he is today because of their friendship and I am honored to be a part of it. We have grown together and became so close over the last 9 years. She has been a staple in not only in Kris' life, but ours as well. We are so honored to have her by our side during our special day.

Kate Nelson - Bridesmaid

Just like in "Our Story" Kate was a work friend with me at the mall, who introduced us. I have asked Kate to be a part of our special day because if it wasn't for her we wouldn't have found each other and we wouldn't be getting married with close family and friends on one of the Islands where we fell in love.

Janelle Hart - Bridesmaid

Janelle is my best friend. Both Kris and I had met her and her boyfriend, Mike Marchand 5 years ago at our local sportsmen club where we have bonded a close friendship over the years. She's not only just my best friend, but she is also living the same life of loving a first responder and knows what it's like. Both Kris and I are honored that they both said "yes" to be a part of our special day.